I recently found myself in Dublin’s docklands to meet a friend whom I hadn’t seen in 4 years. As I drove along North Wall Quay, the phenomenal beauty and the uncannily well-timed entry of Otis Redding on the airwaves moved me to pull over and take it all in. And so I sat on the dock of the bay, and watched the tide roll away in the words of the soul master himself.

The water was glistening beneath a contrasting backdrop of contemporary architecture, 20th century industrial brown-bricks, and the red and white lodestars of the Poolbeg towers. All the memories of exactly why I started An Urban Pictorial came flooding back as I stood amidst this unique convergence of urban development and decay. Dockland areas offer what I consider to be the most interesting urban hubs. They are bustling sites of human interaction and often form the central hive of a city’s financial, industrial and communications activity. They truly embody the aesthetic that fuels and inspires An Urban Pictorial – grittily divergent yet cleanly contemporary – suggestive of a multitude of contradictory narratives. It was a warming feeling to ponder on the generations of narratives that had passed over the cobbles on which I stood. This post stands as an addition to that infinite archive.




















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