Texture and Shadow Play

Some time has elapsed since I last posted here, but while I have been absent from An Urban Pictorial – it has not been absent from me. Every time I traverse a new city, I quietly observe the urban panorama in search of nooks and crannies waiting patiently to be captured by my lens. September presented an opportunity to revisit the beautiful Andalusian cobbles of Granada. Having experienced this vibrant city in the past without my camera in stead, I endeavoured to dedicate my time capturing its uniquely identifiable sites and sights. Settling quickly into a snap-happy groove, I fell in love all over again with the architectural juxtapositions of this city. Turning one corner you will find the modern streamlined curves of the Science Museum. Turning the next, you are confronted with the dramatically contrasting and textured layers of Moorish, Renaissance, and Art Deco architectonics. It is truly a haven for aesthetes of old and modern architectural history combined.

The following is the first of two posts that present visual representations of the city, starting amidst the vast fortress of La Alhambra. The images I have chosen convey an interesting amalgam of rich textures and shadow plays within the 10th-16th century Palace and its surrounding complex – echoes of a once cultural empire founded by the Sultans of Granada.

An Epigraph from the Walls of The Alhambra


This piece of art has come to decorate the Alhambra,
which is the home of the peaceful and of the warriors! …
It is a palace in which magnificence is shared
among its ceiling, its floor and its four walls.
On the stuccowork and on the glazed tiles there are wonders,
but the carved wooden ceilings are even more

extraordinary …
They seem like poetic images, paronomasias and transpositions …
It is from the glorious tribe of Jazray, whose works in favour of the religion are like dawn, when its light appears in the horizon.

Alambra Girl





























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