Join the Sea Circus

I have measured out my life with coffee spoons.


– T. S. Elliot

Coffee connoisseurs and foodies of the world – should you find yourself in wonderful Bali, make your way to Oberoi Road in Seminyak. There, nestled between the Ku De Ta and Potato Head, you will find the gem that is Sea Circus. A coffee house-come-eatery-come-hang-out where one can indulge in the brunch of kings; linger over a cappuccino fit for an Italian; be absorbed into a rainbow of retro colours; and mellow out to the ultimate surfer’s soundtrack … Ben Howard, Jack Johnson and all in between. As a purveyor of parallel universes devoid of time (the definition of “café” according to the English Dictionary of Jen)  – Sea Circus ticks all the boxes of a café goer. I myself am a self-professed, people-watching voyeur. A creator of fictional diegeses based on the muted conversations of strangers. Victim to interior monologues and a wildly unhinged imagination. Sound familiar? Fellow dreamers, perhaps its time to join the Sea Circus!



Image 9


Image 6


image 14


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image 13


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image 17


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